Instruction to Author


  • Submission of contributions and Correspondence is to be addressed to Chief Editor Journal of Universal College of Medical Sciences Bhairahawa, Rupandehi, Nepal.
  • The papers may be e-mailed to
  • Authors have to give the following undertaking along with their article.
    “I /We declare that this article is original and has not been submitted in any other journal for publication.
    I/We also declare that I/we surrender all the rights to the editor of the journal and the article if published will be the property of the journal and we will not publish it anywhere else, in full or part, without permission of the Chief Editor.”

    Signature of main author



  1. Articles must be written in English, Precise and Concise.
  2. Only soft copies of the articles be sent by email or C.D.
  3. A hard copy if submitted should be accompanied by C.D.
  4. The number of authors must not exceed four.
  5. Articles must be specified :-
         a)    Review article
         b)    Original article
         c)    Case reports
         d)    Medical education
         e)    Letters to editor
  6. The manuscript must be :-
         i.    Typed double spaced
         ii.    In Arial font size -12
         iii.    2.5 cm margin should be left
         iv.    Pages must be numbered
         v.    Use italics for emphasis
  7. The Original Articles should have the following Heads :-
         I.    Abstract with key words
         II.   Introduction-Aims of the study
         III.  Material and Methods Study design
         •   Duration
         •   Place of study
         •  Statistical Analysis
         •  Exclusion Criteria
         Tables should be self explanatory and duplication in the text is not permissible.
    IV.    Results
    V.    Discussion
    VI.    Conclusion
    VII.    Acknowledgement (if any)
    VIII.    References – Should be cited according to Vancouver System by :-
            i.    Names of all the authors
            ii.    Title of the paper
            iii.    Year of publication
            iv.    Name of the periodical with its volume and page number.

  8. Case reports:-
    •    It should include four sections: Abstract with keywords, introduction, case report and discussion.
    •    The identity of the patient must not be revealed by text or figures. If the figure/picture tends to reveal the identity of the individual, it is the responsibility of the author to take  written consent from the patient before submitting the manuscript.
    •    Introduction should introduce the case in short and highlight the importance of presenting it as a case report in the journal.
    •    Positive feature should be accentuated and irrelevant details avoided.
    •    A photograph or other illustration may be useful.
    •    The discussion should be useful and short.
    •    Educational message if any.
  9. Review article:-
    •    Review article must incorporate various aspects of the topic chosen, and should also incorporate latest researches and findings. It should not merely be collection of quotes from textbooks or very old articles of journals that does not contribute anything new to the scientific literature base already available.
    •    Ideal contents of a review:
         ->What is problem?
         ->Historical background
         ->Basic sciences
         The future
         The ideal review should be topical, up to date, balanced, accurate, authorative and quotable.
  10.  Letter to Editor should be short and clear and should be related to articles previously published in the journal.
  11. Manuscripts will not be returned or preserved if not published. However soft copy of the journal will be sent to the author, whose article has been published. (by e-mail).
  12.  Identity of the patient is not to be exposed in the article or figures.
  13. The patient’s identity can be disclosed only after written permission from the patient/Guardian and authors will be solely responsible for the same.
  14.  All the authors are to sign their article.


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